Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reactions and Actions

I had an unprecedented number of replies to last week's blog. All of them advised me to get off my keister and start sending out query letters for my novel -- the one I have been working on on and off for the past 10 years.

Now, I haven't been working on just that story all that time. I did manage to write a couple others, one of which was published in 2010. Another is being read by another publisher. I put it in the back corner of my mind because I was told it would take a year before I got a reply. That year is almost up, so I have been keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Still a third is at my original publisher awaiting a response. So I haven't been idle.

This past week I did a final manuscript check. The biggest hurdle was making sure all the chapter headings were in order after all the cutting and pasting I did while trying to make events flow with some kind of logic. Then I finished my outline. Using this as a guide, I wrote a two-page synopsis. It took a while, but I managed to cut it down to one page.

I sent out five query letters: three were single-page letters only; one query with the two-page synoposis and first chapter; and another query with the one-page synopsis and first 50 pages. (It seems every agent wants something different.) My goal is to send out a new query for each rejection.

Oh, speaking of rejections, I received my first one yesterday. It was short and sweet: "Not for me, but thanks." So now I have to go back to my list of possibles and sent out another query.

Meanwhile, as soon as I get some deadline-sensitive projects completed (both due March 1) I am starting another novel. This one will be a departure for me. I love what-ifs, and this one is "What if, after George Washington rejected the crown offered to him it was offered to Thomas Jefferson -- and he accepted."

Our lives would be a lot different -- or would they?

I'l keep you all posted.


  1. Good for you. A friend once told me that every time I got a rejection I should turn around and send another query. It gives you something else to hope for, look forward to or not. The important things being to get your story out there. Way to go, Sandy.

  2. I'm with Christina. Way to go! But having Jefferson's face on the $1 bill? I guess we wouldn't know the difference, now would we?

  3. Great going Sandy. I have all the faith this ms will do wonderful out in the big world of agents and publishers!

  4. Fascinating notion! What a concept. It must be fun imagining how different things would have been--or would they? Just another, different revolution? I know what deadlines you are facing, and send my gratitude that you are willing to delay a new beginning for us. Your creativity will be at work in everything!