Friday, April 29, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet ...

Remember that old song? "In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it ..."

Alas, somewhere during my lifetime the Easter bonnet went the way of the Easter parade and white gloves. In fact, Jackie O's pillbox is the last hat I recall seeing on a woman's head unless she was at the beach. Or happened to be Queen Elizabeth. Or an African-American church lady. Oh, those hats! Make me weep with envy, especially when I think of all the bare heads in my own church.

I used to have hats. I loved hats and occasions to wear them. I had a hat covered with pheasant feathers, a felt slouch that made me feel like Greta Garbo, a cloche of white roses. I wrapped them in tissue and put them in boxes to keep them clean. The time between removing the hats from the boxes became longer and longer and eventually the hats disappeared during a spell of intense closet cleaning.

I did wear hats during chemo. It got so I could spot a fellow sufferer a mile off by the hat on her head. No one else wore them.

This year, I noticed an advertisemment for hats in a store ad. Pretty hats with brims and flowers. Hmmm. Could hats be making a comeback? Did someone else besides me recognize the perfect diguise for a bad hair day, let alone a no-hair day?

Went to church Sunday and gasped. Someone wore a hat. A perky yellow straw hat that sang out "Spring!" An Easter bonnet.

I hope more women follow her example. A hat is necessary accessory, not just to disguise a bad hair day, but to make a statement. Choosing the right hat reflects who you are. A hat can lift not only your mood, but the spirits of those who see you. A hat makes you feel feminine and yes, let's use that old-fashioned word, ladylike. I can't see a young woman cussing like a sailor while wearing a frilly hat.

African-American women already know this. In our hearts, we know it, too.

I could seque from this to a metaphor on writing, but I'm not going to.

Sometimes a hat is just a hat.


  1. I like this flash to the past. I like hats (they don't like me) and used to make sure my dd's had a hat and gloves each Easter.

  2. I love hats. I used to wear an Easter bonnet every Easter, and not just when I was little.
    Thanks for the memories.

  3. Can't speak for my feminine side, but I usually wear a baseball cap because I'm bald. Tough in the summer or at the pool.My daughter keeps buying me new caps. I just like my old one, but don't want to insult her or you either for that matter, Sandy.

    I watched the Royal Wedding. Wow, talk about ladies hats.If they're in I must be out.

  4. Watching the rerun of the wedding now. You are right, some of those hats are fantastic!

  5. A hat, white gloves, and a pair of shiny white Mary Janes were the traditional Easter Sunday attire, along with a petticoat that scratched my waist. Love your walks down memory lane. Yes, the British do love their hats. A hat makes a statement and dresses up the occasion. Thanks Sandy!

  6. I love 'em too! I remember my mom's hats when she would get all dressed up to "go into town" when I was young. Many celebs and movie stars wear them and they look cute...
    I posted before but don't think it worked...
    Oh, yes, I do like the British hats also...

  7. Oh, I like hats, too, but I don't think they look right on me, most of the time. Hats are definitely making a come back. But then for some places or events, like the Kentucky Derby, hats never went out.

    Seeing clips from the royal wedding today, yikes, some hats need to stay out of fashion.

  8. Love hats...just feel like a dork wearing one unless I'm at the coast. But, I have two in my closet, one that is perfect for this time of year. I may have to put on a little extra courage one day and add this cute little number to my accessories of the day!

  9. Let's all start finding reasons to wear hats! Growing up, one didn't dare go to church on Easter Sunday without having a hat to match the new outfit. For years, I did not wear hats or have reasons to do so. Now, I'm in Red Hats so do wear one once a month (about). Hats off to you, Sandy, for starting a trend. Love it!

  10. I love hats, too. I remember Easter Sunday outfits and how my sisters and I couldn't wait to wear our frilly dresses, our new shoes and socks, and our gloves. Best of all were the Easter hats. Those were the days.

  11. Looks like everyone loves hats -- so why did we stop wearing them?