Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just do it

I finally did it.

I bought a Nook. I'd researched e-readers, talked to friends who had one and knew exactly what to buy when the time came. I feel a tiny bit guilty about not buying a Kindle since I used CreateSpace to re-release my journal, "I'd Rather go to California," but the scales tipped about an ounce in favor of Nook.

I hadn't planned on getting one just yet, but then an on-line writing friend published a book. When I tried to buy it, it was in e-format only. That alone did not make my mind up to take the plunge, but then another friend published a book and it wasn't available in print either.

Now, I could have ordered the book anyway and had it downloaded to my computer. I've done that, but I find it hard to read a book on the computer monitor. No matter how engrossing, my back tends to protest before very long.

And, my readng time is confined to the hours after five, when I stop work for the day. I like to curl up in my favorite chair and read while Jim watches television. If the show is interesting, I might watch it but the book comes back out during the commercials.

You can't do that with a computer.

So I went to Wal-Mart and bought a Nook. I took it home, read the directions, and had one book that very day and pre-ordered the other which came online this week. Then I visited Smashwords and re-downloaded a book I had purchased there some months ago and had gotten only as far as the first few chapters.

Okay, this is like giving a kid the key to the candy store. You can access the entire B&N site from the Nook and if you see something you like, you just press "Buy." No connecting cables or special codes. It charges your account and the book is in your hand in less than a minute.

I could see right away that I would have to set myself a limit or I'd have my credit card maxed out in no time.

When my son found out I had bought my new best (electronic)friend, he sighed and said he had planned on getting me one for Christmas.

"That's okay," I reassured him. "You can get me a gift card to buy more books."

Nothing like hinting very, very broadly.

Like everything else in my life, I now wonder why I waited so long. My device will not replace printed books--I still go the the library and stock up. It just adds another dimension to my reading list.


  1. I have a Nook too. I love it. One of the pros for my purchase was the bookstore. I rarely order on amazon and when I do it's because it's the only place where the book is offered. Have fun with your new toy.

  2. Congrats, Sandy! Tell son he can always get you a kindle so you can go broke on Amazon as well! lol

  3. Love Calisa's comment. More ways to read--always good! Congratulations on your purchase and being kind to you.

  4. Good job, Sandy. I have a Kindle and my husband has a Nook. Both have their pros and cons, but in the long run, it's instant access to all those books that really counts.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I am loving it. Also thought of adding a Kindle later on ... as a gift to my husband, of course! he reads even more than I do!

  6. I'm with you, Sandy, it won't replace print books for me, but I love my Nook, too. Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy!

  7. Welcome to EReaders, friend. Be careful of the "one click" buy (or as Kindle calls it 'whispernet') - it's addictive! You will love it, but no, it will never replace the traditional book. Still need to run my fingers over paper once in a while.

  8. "It just adds another dimension to my reading list."

    Perfectly put. The convenience of an eReader is beyond compare, but I'm not sure why all the doomsayers keep acting as if it's an either/or proposition.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your Nook. My Kindle very quickly became my new best friend.

  9. I have a Kindle and it does the same as your Nook, so actually not much difference. I have the Buy with One Click button at Amazon and it goes directly to my device. Sure do enjoy it! Glad you took the plunge! Plus I like the prices better....