Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When is Enough?

Now that Release Day for "The Lunch Club" is only two days away I am wondering how much more excitement my friends and family can take. I have Tweeted the news, put it on Facebook and e-mailed everyone on my list. I even had number one son create a book trailer for me and told everyone I knew about it. I can imagine them saying, "Enough already with the book! So you wrote a book--what else is new?"

I know you have to be your own publicist and blow your own horn and all that. But how much is enough?

With my first book, "Angels Unaware," I went all out: ordered business cards and mugs, gave books away to clubs and libraries, and generally did anything I could think of to draw attention to the novel. Although I sold very well locally, I actually barely broke even.

Rookie mistake.

There is a line between acting as your own publicist and becoming an annoying pest that people begin to avoid. I am reminded of the New Yorker cartoon where two men are talking at a cocktail party. One says to the other, "But enough about me. Let me tell you about my book."

I am hoping that the readers who liked "Angels" will be willing to take a chance on its successor without my having to plead with them to buy it. But I do have to let them know it's available.

So--when is enough? Do any of you having trouble walking this fine line? How much horn-blowing can you do before people start covering their ears? 



  1. Hi Sandy, keep promoting. Better to be a little annoying than unknown.

  2. That is a fine line? Darn. I thought it said FIIINE! Line... lol But great question Sandy. I wonder too so I'll sit back and see what others have to say.

  3. What's that old saying about "a squeaky wheel gets oiled?" Shout it from the rooftops, at least for a couple of weeks. I do know a couple of annoying authors that that is the only time I hear from them. I say just keep your social network active as much as time allows, but there's a tendency sometimes to go overboard there, too. I've heard "breaking even" is about all you can expect with the first novel, which when you add up your initial expenses, is quite a bit of cash. I, for one, never tire of your horn tooting, and I know I'm not alone. Can't wait for release day!

  4. Most people can't take much, I don't think, unless they love you, of course, which we love you. But to me there is a difference between getting your name and opinions out there and promoting your book. Both may do the same thing, but I'm more apt to pay attention if someone tells me something personal or interesting about a subject or themselves. If all they do is say look at my book, well...I'm less likely to listen to the horn.

  5. Thanks, I try to not talk about the book all the time, and won't once it is released unless it relates to the subject. I guess it's like a store sale, one flier lets me know it's happening, a flier in my mailbox every day for a week is overkill.